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The Supreme Council of the Loyal Order of Moose

unanimously approved in October 2007 the partnership of

Moose International with the Safe Surfin' Foundation


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Safe Surfin' Foundation Director of Development Eddie Worth



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Lynchburg-South Moose Family Center #1727
Welcomes HERO Child Rescue Corps

(Human Exploitation Rescue Operative)

Saturday, August 8th, 2015



  The Safe Surfin' Foundation and
Moose International Proudly Supports
 the HERO Child Rescue Corps
Click any of the following links for more information on the HERO Child Rescue Corps

posted  08/13/2015

The Lynchburg- South Moose Family Center #1727 was Moose Proud and Honored
to host a reception recognizing the HERO Child Rescue Corps wounded Veterans.
Moose members welcomed the Veterans who participated in sporting events and
enjoyed a Social and Dinner.  Each member of the HERO Child Rescue Corps was
recognized and presented with a Plaque thanking them for their service and
 personal sacrifice to their Country and their continued service as a H.E.R.O.



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Veterans to Train in Bedford County

to Fight Online Predators

posted 07/31/2015

The Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
will host the HERO (Human Exploitation Rescue Operative) Child Rescue Corps
Safe Surfin’ Foundation and Moose International
purchased the laptops that kept the program going







Safe Surfin' Foundation ID Event at Local Nursing Home

Community Service Day in Nashville

July 6th, 2015

posted  07/15/2015

  L-R: Eddie, Wally, Roci (Caregiver), Yellow Shirt,
Winfred, Vicky, Robin, Janet, Teresa.
Creekside Health & Rehab Center Nashville.
E-Z ID Session for Altzhimer patients.

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Woodbridge Moose Family Center #583
hosts Dinner for HERO's program participants

posted  06/22/2015

Woodbridge Moose Family Center #583 hosted an appreciation
dinner for the Safe Surfin' Foundation's HEROs program.
All the participants got some type injury either
physically or mentally while serving our country.
The Safe Surfin Foundation provided the computers
for them to be trained on to help catch the predators on the internet.
After graduation from the training that was held in Washington DC
they will be assigned to law enforcement throughout the United States.
Sheriff Brown and Eddie Worth attended this dinner,
and thanked the participants for continuing their
education and helping with this ever growing problem.






ICAC - Internet Crimes Against Children

 Task Force

posted 09/02/2014

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Bedford Co., VA -

     The Safe Surfin' Foundation is entering this short in a ‘call for safety alerts’.




500th Ballistic Vest presented - went to

 Westmoreland County Virginia Sheriff's Office 


posted 05/12/2014

Sheriff Mike Brown presenting the Westmoreland County Sheriff’s Office
with the 500th vest that has been giving to local Law Enforcement in Virginia through a grant provided to the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office by the
Attorney Generals Office. These ballistic vests have been provided to agencies who could not afford them to protect their officers. Sheriff Brown began the program, “Protect the Protectors” once he found a study showing that over 200,000 officers across the country either do not have vests or have been issued vests that are past their expectation date. Today was a milestone, with the 500th vest going to Westmorland County, along with vests that went out Wednesday to the Town of Amherst, Radford City and Albermarle County Sheriff’s Office.
Click Play below to view WSET 13 News Footage


Published on May 8, 2014
Bedford Co., VA - The Bedford County Sheriff's Office celebrated a milestone Wednesday. They held a ceremony to mark the 500th ballistic vest that the sheriff's office has given to other departments. The Attorney General's office has funded the program to help law enforcement agencies in Virginia that can't afford the vests. The 500th vest went to the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office. "Many police officers die for lack of a ballistic armor and we've had many officers saved as a result of ballistic armor," said Sheriff Mike Brown. "We're always looking for ways to make our jobs is our number one priority," said Sgt. Eric Molinares, of the Westmoreland County Sheriff's Office. Other vests went out Wednesday to the Town of Amherst Police, Radford City Police and the Albemarle County Sheriff's Office.

update from the Bedford Newspaper posted 06/09/2014






Regional Manager, Jim Hale

Sworn in as Deputy Sheriff

posted  01/13/2014

Jim Hale, Regional Manager of Moose International, covering MD/Del/DC/VA/WV
was sworn in today, by Sheriff Mike Brown, as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff.
Sheriff Brown presented Jim with his Oath and SSF/ICAC badge.

“Thank you Jim, for your commitment and tireless work you do
helping to protect our children from online predators! “  Sheriff Brown




' MOOSE PROUD '   Documentary Movie: 



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A preview of the upcoming documentary

sponsored by the Safe Surfin' Foundation




posted 01/27/2014



' MOOSE PROUD ' A Documentary Movie

An 18 Month Documentary on the Moose Fraternity

to be presented at the 2014 International Moose Convention

posted 10/01/2012

     Erik Estrada, Eddie Worth, and Jason Campbell from the Safe Surfin' Foundation visited Ross Fleet and Moosehaven in September, beginning the filming of the documentary on the Moose Fraternity.  Jason and Eddie are coordinating the documentary with Erik serving as the narrator. 

Contact Eddie Worth at for additional information

     Erik Estrada, interviews Moosehaven Director of Admissions, Ross Fleet

     Several Moosehaven residents talked with Erik Estrada, relating their years of service and the benefits enjoyed at Moosehaven. 

     Erik Estrada addresses residents at Moosehaven while on campus filming the ' Heard of Moose ' documentary


Excerpt from the Safe Surfin' Foundation web page


Because Moose Members are ordinary people doing extraordinary things in their communities!


Sheriff Mike Brown from the Safe Surfin’ Foundation is sending a film team and Erik Estrada on a one-year mission across North America: Unlock the secrets to the Moose.

Sheriff Brown explains, “The Moose is a wonderful fraternal organization that has graciously supported the Safe Surfin’ Foundation in our efforts to educate children and parents on Internet safety…. We just wanted to help them get their message out.” Brown, has just finished filming a feature film starring Erik Estrada called ‘Finding Faith’ scheduled to be released in theaters next year.

Travel with America’s acclaimed motorcycle police officer, Erik Estrada, to uncover the secrets of the Moose. ‘Heard of Moose’ is a contemporary and progressive not only at the organization of the Moose but of its most valued asset…..its people! Estrada is on a lone mission, traveling on his Harley through out North America to reveal the incredible stories behind each lodge. It will be an emotional ride highlighting individual stories and notable chartable accomplishments. It is a positive, realistic and sequential look at the Moose.

This one-hour narrative documentary ‘Heard of Moose’ will uncover those secrets to expose a well celebrated network of men and women dedicated to supporting families and communities.

‘Heard of Moose’ is a 60 minute, modern day look at today’s Moose. It’s about telling people’s story in a compelling way that offers the audience an inside look into the people, the history and the programs the Moose offers. The film will follow individual Moose members, specific lodges and nationwide Moose programs. The film will highlight the acclaimed ‘Moosehaven’ and ‘Mooseheart’ facilities.

To find out more about the film and how your lodge can participate please contact Jason Campbell at .




 EZ  Child / Elderly ID Systems:



Photos from

Community Service Chairman Wally Johnson

posted  05/20/2014







VMA Districts 1, 2, 3 Sponsor Child ID's

posted  02/06/2014

Thanks Martin Mills, Wally Johnson, John Luciano, Safe Surfin' Foundation and

Tarrant Elementary, Hampton, VA for helping provide 87 kids with FREE EZ Child ID's.

 It was busy but fun.      Sue Minnick





EZ Child / Elderly ID Event

Lynchburg-South Moose Family Center #1727

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

posted  09/02/2013

Lynchburg-South Moose Family Center #1727 hosted a FREE EZ Child / Elderly ID

Event during its annual Moose Labor Day Car Show and Kids Carnival in support of

MDA and the Safe Surfin' Foundation.  Many thanks to Sheriff Mike Brown and

his staff who were present supervising the two (2) EZ ID units which were kept busy throughout the day.  Several operators were trained on the use of the EZ ID units including W.O.T.M. Chapter #1415 Co-Worker Connie Hensley (shown above).





EZ Child/Elderly ID system

Simple technology designed to save lives

EZ ID Flyer  --  EZ ID Handbook and Planning Guide






EZ Child/Elderly ID System

Annual Kid's Safety Day at Mooseheart

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

posted  08/04/2013

Each year on the 1st Saturday in August, the Community

is invited to Kid's Safety Day hosted by Mooseheart. 

Many representatives from Police and Fire were present

including representation by the Safe Surfin' Foundation. 

Over 500 Children visited and participated in the EZ Child ID system. 

Brochures were handed out with information on sexting and cyber bullying.






EZ Child/Elderly ID System

Presented at Powhatan Christmas Parade

Powhatan Moose Family Center #1840

posted  03/17/2013

Members from Powhatan #1840 and and the Powhatan Sheriff Department participated in a EZ Child ID event which benefited 90 families.

The Powhatan W.O.T.M. Chapter #2258 sponsored a float

in the Christmas Parade and handed out flyers along the route

inviting citizens to visit the EZ ID Booth at the end of the parade route.

Left: Governor Lenny Allese talks to parents about EZ Child ID Kits

Right: Don Barrett receives information for the ID Kit

Governor Lenny Allese entering Child's information for the ID Kit

Left: Tony Bonton, Lenny Allese talking to parents,

Right: Coleman Mann, Don Barrett entering information





Thank You

from the Residents at Moosehaven

posted  12/12/2012

Click Here to view and print the letter from Moosehaven Executive Director John Capes




Presentation of Child/Elderly ID System

At Verona Moose Family Center #2172

posted  12/05/2012

Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman Sheriff Michael J. Brown and

Director of Development Eddie Worth present a

Child/Elderly Fingerprint ID Kit to Augusta Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

and Staunton Police Department at a recent celebration.




EZ Child/Elderly ID System

Simple technology designed to save lives

Safe Surfin' Foundation demos unit at 75th Annual State Convention

posted  10/02/2012


Excerpt from the Safe Surfin' Foundation web page


Safe Surfin’ Foundation and Moose International are Teaming Together To Make the World a Safer Place for our Children and our Elders!

Are you aware that 1.3 million children disappear every year, in the United States? Law enforcement confirms that the first 48 hours are imperative for locating a missing child

Likewise, with our nation’s growing elderly population, and the prevalence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the number of our seniors who are reported missing each year continues to rise. According to health care reports, approximately 6 in 10 dementia victims and 3 out 5 people with Alzheimer’s disease will wander from their current location often in an effort to return “home,” which in some cases is no longer their place of residence.

Are you prepared for such an emergency? Well, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and Moose International are doing something to protect our children and elderly by providing electronic ID Systems.

“The goal of this program is to protect our children and our elderly by providing these identification systems to Moose Lodges across North America,” explains Sheriff Mike Brown, Founder of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.

Safe Surfin’ has already contributed nearly two dozen systems to various Moose Lodges around the country and has a goal of providing two dozen more over the next six months.

The system electronically finger prints, photographs and records pertinent information about your child or senior, burns it all on a CD for you to put away for safe keeping in the case of an emergency. Should your child or senior become missing, this CD can be given to law enforcement for immediate airing on local media, radio and shared with other law enforcement agencies.

These free systems are made possible by the generous contribution of Moose International and Moose Members nationwide. For more please contact Eddie Worth ( SSF, Director of Development.





Bedford County Sheriff's Office

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

Assists in ID'ing Children


posted 10/02/2012

Investigator  Morgan Calohan from Bedford County Sheriff’s Office

Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force unit, IDing a baby







Portsmouth Virginia Police

receive Cop in a Box

posted  12/25/2014

The Portsmouth Moose Family Center #898 provided funding recently to purchase a Cop in a Box unit for their local police department, the Portsmouth PD. Sheriff Mike Brown was present to along with Chief Ed Hargis of the Portsmouth Police Department along with Detective Tracy Crutcher who will be spearheading the ICAC investigations unit. As always the Moose have provided another unit to assist local law enforcement to provide this much needed equipment, and allows us to have more boots on the ground to go after and catch these child predators. We are very proud of lodge #898 and all their efforts to provide this equipment, which included a state of the art laptop with 27″ flat screen monitor and color printer large enough to handle all the cases in their unit. We wish to thank all those that got behind this great project and continue to help protect kids around the world.







Altavista Moose Family Center #1433

 Donates Cop-In-A-Box

posted  06/05/2014 - updated 06/06/2014

Members of the Rocky Mount Police Department

accept the Cop In A Box donation from the

Altavista Moose Family Center #1433







Lynchburg-South WOTM Chapter #1415

Donate Cop-In-A-Box

presentation to King and Queen Sheriff's Office

Click Here to view Newspaper Posting and video

posted  12/13/2013

The Virginia Moose Association donated a computer system to help the
King and Queen Sheriff's Office track online predators.
Pictured: Investigator Kenneth Jordan,
VMA District 2 president Dennis Harlow,
King and Queen Sheriff John Charboneau,
and VMA Community Service Chairman Wally Johnson.
Members of the Virginia Moose Assocaition presented this plaque to the
King and Queen Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, Dec. 3 in honor of the donated "Cop in a Box" program that will help the department track online predators.






Roanoke Police Department receives

Cop-In-A-Box at the 2013 Annual Convention

Joint Presentation by the Roanoke, Vinton, and Salem Moose Lodges

posted  08/29/2013

    Roanoke Police Chief, Chris Perkins (4th from left), is presented with

Cop-In-A-Box during the Friday session of the VMA Annual Convention

at the Roanoke Sheraton Hotel.

    Representatives from the Safe Surfin' Foundation were present

along with representatives of the Roanoke Moose Family Center #284,

Vinton Moose Family Center #1121, and Salem Moose Family Center #2573.  Funding for the equipment was a joint effort among the three (3) area Lodges.

Click Here to view Local Video News Footage from WSLS10

Click Here to view Local News coverage from WSET13







Farmville Lodge #968 Donates Cop-In-A-Box

posted  07/18/2013

Photo and write-up courtesy of the Amelia Bulletin Monitor

(Left to right) Farmville Moose Lodge 968 Administrator Donnie Simmons, Safe Surfin' Foundation Director of Education Deputy Randy Smith, Amelia County Sheriff Ricky Walker and State Chairman of the Virginia Moose Association Winfred Campbell at the Wednesday (June 19) presentation of a "Cop-in-a-Box," to the Amelia County Sheriffs Office.  The "Cop-in-a-Box"· is a state-of-the-art computer and printer to be used to combat online predators against children. The equipment, worth $3,500, was provided by the Safe Surfin Foundation of Bedford, Va., which is dedicated to keeping kids safe from online predators through education.  Farmville Moose Lodge 968 provided half the cost of the equipment as part of the Moose International partnership with the Safe Surfin' Foundation that has presented 48 such computers since last year. The ACSO applied for a grant for the equipment after contacting the Bedford County Sheriffs Office in connection with an Amelia County child pornography case now being developed. The Bedford County Sheriffs Office is nationally recognized for its expertise in handling online child predator cases.


Keeping kids safe from online predators: what to know


     Bedford County Sheriffs Deputy Randy Smith, who's been working with these kind of cases since 1998, spoke to The Monitor after the presentation on Wednesday about what parents and concerned adults should do and look for to keep kids safe online:
1) "Keep the computer in a common area," Deputy Smith said.
2) "Watch and know what your kids are doing online," Deputy Smith followed up. "It doesn't do any good to keep the computer centrally located if you don't keep an eye on it."
3) "Ask your kids for their passwords.  No passwords, no online activity.  Make it a rule."
4) "If your child, dissociates from the family - if she or he becomes secretive, spends a lot of time alone with an online device, or on · the phone, gets gifts in the mail, or goes to meet people you don't know - you have a problem."
5) "If your child shows you inappropriate material from an online source, don't get mad at the child. Keep that channel of communication open, and report the inappropriate activity to law enforcement or other appropriate authority."

     "Would you let a 30-year-old stranger into your child's bedroom?" Deputy Smith summed up. "Because that's what you're doing if you don't know who your kids are talking to online.  Child pornography is a $3 billion a year industry. Be warned."






Floyd Lodge #2300 Donates Cop-In-A-Box

posted  06/15/2013

Members of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office

accept the Cop In A Box donation from the Floyd Moose Lodge

By Wanda Combs Staff |    SWVAToday   | Posted: Friday, June 14, 2013  
     Several representatives of the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office were present last Thursday evening as members of the Floyd Moose Lodge presented them with a computer system valued at $3,500. Known as Cop In A Box, the system includes a computer, monitor and printer. The high-speed computer is forensics capable and is used by law enforcement to track down sexual predators and those involved in child pornography.
     Eddie Worth, Director of Marketing for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, Moose officers and members made the presentation on behalf of the Foundation. Worth said this Cop In A Box was the 20th one he had personally presented in the U.S. A total of 36 have been given in the 18 months it has been available. The systems are provided by donations from Moose members, with this Cop In A Box, being particularly funded by the Floyd Moose.
     Cop In A Box was developed by Sheriff Mike Brown in Bedford, the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, and the Department of Justice. The systems are put together in Lynchburg. Training for users is provided in Forest, Virginia. Floyd County already has a trained officer, Mike Brown, of the Virginia State Police.
     Worth, who travels around the U.S. with the Safe Surfin’ Foundation’s celebrity spokesperson Erik Estrada and promotes internet safety, is also going to be joining the local Sheriff’s Office as a reserve employee, Floyd County Sheriff Shannon Zeman said at the presentation.
     Zeman, also a member of the Floyd Moose organization, thanked the local Lodge for the computer system and its partnership, adding there was no way the Sheriff’s Office, in tight budget times, could have afforded to purchase it. He said his employees would be helping with Safe Surfin’ in the community, too. “I promise we’ll work to put these items to use.”
     Worth said over 2,300 children go missing every day in the United States, and that while a lot of them may be domestic/divorce related cases, others involve predators. “You can see the magnitude of the problem.”
      He added that what the Moose members had done was “huge” in being able to fight crimes against children.






Cop in the Box to help Wythe Police

fight cyber crimes

Wytheville Lodge #394

posted  06/11/2013

The Wytheville Moose Lodge presents specialized computer equipment

to the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office to help catch

online child sexual predators. Participating in the presentation are

(from left) Eddie Worth of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation;

Denise Cook, investigator for the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office;

Capt. Chad Trivitt of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office; Sheriff Doug King;

Dan Biertzer, administrator of Wytheville Moose Lodge 394;

Dennis McMillan, Wytheville Moose Lodge 394 Governor;

and Matt Tickle, trustee of the Wytheville Moose Lodge 394.

BY WAYNE QUESENBERRY Staff | Posted: Saturday, June 8, 2013 6:00 am
     A recent donation from the Wytheville Moose Lodge 394 will help protect area children from online sexual predators. The local service organization provided a $3,500 specialized computer system to the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office designed for fighting cyber crime.
     “The Moose Lodge is all about anything to protect children,” said Dan Biertzer, Wytheville Moose Lodge administrator. “The Virginia Moose Association and Moose International are focusing on stopping these child sexual predators on the Internet.”
     According to him, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation was founded in Bedford as Blue Ridge Thunder through the U.S. Justice Department. The Virginia Moose Association took the foundation as a project.
     Known as Cop in a Box, the computer system includes software, hardware, monitor and printer. It can store information in a case file format and link to other such systems to share information.
     Investigator Denise Cook of the Wythe County Sheriff’s Office will head the local project. She will be able to “actively engage” online contact and conversation with suspected pedophiles which could lead to their arrest.
     “This is a valuable resource to us,” said Wythe County Sheriff Doug King. “Without the Wytheville Moose Lodge we would not have been able to do it on our own. I have high praise for the Moose Lodge for the support down through the years and the continued support.”
     Wayne Quesenberry can be reached at 228-6611 or .





Lynchburg-South W.O.T.M. Chapter #1415

present Check for $3,500.00 to purchase

Cop In A Box for Russell County Sheriffs Office

posted  04/26/2013






From the Tazewell County Sheriff's Office

to  Tazewell Moose Family Center #198


Click Here to View and Print this letter in Adobe PDF 

posted  11/08/2012




posted  10/14/2012




Richmond-East W.O.T.M. Chapter #1543

present Check for $3,000.00 to purchase

Cop In A Box for Hanover County Sheriffs Dept.


Click Here to View and Print this flyer in Adobe PDF 

posted  05/15/2012




Cop In A Box

What Is It ?         How Can We Get One?


Click Here to View and Print this trifold brochure in Adobe PDF 

posted  04/06/2012




Washington County Moose Family Center #1966

Donates ' Cop-in-a Box '

posted 02/26/2012


BRISTOL, Va. — Denise Dew is the Internet Safety Educator at the Children’s Advocacy Center in Bristol, Virginia.  She and her colleagues work with law officers and abuse victims every day.  Dew said Thursday she’s seen a sharp rise in internet solicitation of children in our area.  “We find that more and more of our interviews are having to deal with digital evidence,” she said.

Click Here To Watch: Cop-In-A-Box Will Help Stop Internet Predators

“We’re having to talk with children about the conversations that they’ve had online and also photos that maybe were given to investigators.  ”She was pleased to hear Washington County, Virginia was given a “Cop-In-A-Box” by the local Moose Lodge.

The system gives internet investigators the latest tools to get through firewalls in search of online predators.  ”[It] allows us quicker speeds of when we do get on the internet to conduct the investigations and to build the cases”, Detective Billy Nichols tells News 5.  Studies show one in seven children ages 10 to 17 will receive some type of sexual solicitation.

While law enforcement officials are doing everything they can to keep up with the predators, they say the true way to stop this kind of activity is to educate children and their parents to the dangers of the internet.

“It’s not just the kids we’re educating.  We’re trying to educate everybody as to the dangers.  We find that the parents know probably a lot less than the kids about the computer and about the internet,” said Mike Brown, head of the Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.  Brown told us most of us have no idea the depth and depravity of these predators.

He says by not educating yourself, you may be putting your kids at risk.  “It is bad, it is real bad.  Every child is at risk,” he said.  That’s a risk police hope to reduce with the help of a Cop In the Box




Program Donates Computers to Help Nab Predators

More Boots On The Ground

 posted 02/16/2012


BY Heather Sells


At any given moment, experts believe tens of thousands of sexual predators are surfing online.

At the same time, only about 1,000 investigators are going after them. However, there's a new program aimed at taking the bad guys off the Internet.

The traditional tools of policing, a car and a weapon, are no longer adequate for the new crimes that have come with new technology.

Today's sexual predators merely have to go online for a few minutes to find a young victim.

"It used to be they would be guarded in their conversations in words they would use in starting to talk with a potential victim," Bedford County, Va. Sheriff Mike Brown, said.

Brown oversees these cases in his jurisdiction and nationally as the founder of the Safe Surfin' Foundation.

He said predators have changed over the years, becoming bolder and more sophisticated in their pursuit of children.

"There's so many ways that they can mask their identity," he explained.

That's why the Brown's foundation and the Moose International are underwriting a program that will donate computers to investigators around the country working with the Department of Justice.

"A lot of the departments have someone with the technical knowledge. They just don't have the equipment," he explained.

"So what we're doing is providing the equipment to them, donating it free of charge," he said. "Hopefully we'll have, as we say, more boots on the ground."

Or literally, more eyes on more screens to begin to bring justice to this 21st century crime.


Click Here to view article as posted on



Safe Surfin’ Foundation Equips Law Enforcement With

 Tools Necessary to Battle Against Sexual Predators!

posted 01/24/2012

80,000,000 CHILDREN HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERNET and the sexual predators who target children know this. The number of law enforcement officers watching over our children’s Internet activity is so small that Safe Surfin’ and Sheriff Mike Brown decided to help.

Sheriff Brown explains, “Safe Surfin’ is deeply concerned about how budget cuts are affecting Internet safety programs around the country, even as cases against online predators increase. Safe Surfin’ is developing a new law enforcement tool called “Cop-in-a-Box” to offer a cost-effective way of protecting our children in times of economic stress.”

A ‘Cop-in-a-Box’ is just that; a trained police officer with the knowledge and equipment to apprehend and remove sexual predators targeting our children on the Internet. The Safe Surfin’ Foundation and its supporting partner, Moose International, is now launching this exciting new initiative aimed at improving the drastically ‘out of balance ratio’ of police versus Internet sexual predators.

Safe Surfin’ Foundation will provide funding, hardware, software and a proven training curriculum for agencies affiliated with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICCAC).

“As police budgets all across America are shrinking; child predators on the web are increasing. This high tech world of cyber crime requires specialized equipment, dedicated resources, intensive training and committed investigators. We will provide those resources to protect children at any cost,” Brown concluded.

For information on how your locality to obtain a ‘Cop-in-a-Box’ program, please E-mail Jason Campbell at


     The 1st presentation of "Cop in a Box" was made to the Norfolk Police Dept. at the 2012 VMA Mid-Year Conference by Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman Sheriff Michael J. Brown.  Sheriff Brown also recognized the following Lodges as Leading Contributors to the Safe Surfin' Foundation.

  • Waynesboro Moose Family Center #1309

  • Washington County Moose Family Center #1966

  • Tazewell Moose Family Center #198

  • Herndon Lodge #2274

  • Manchester-Richmond Moose Family Center #699




 Protect the Protectors:



Clifton Forge Moose Lodge #1683 and Women of the Moose Chapter #22 present Ballistics Vests

posted  06/17/2014

Clifton Forge Moose Lodge #1683 and Women of the Moose Chapter 22 presented the Alleghany County Sheriff's Department with four ballistic vests and Iron Gate Police Department with one ballistic vest in April 2014.

Presenting the vests are front row, left to right, Annie Nicely, Iron Gate Chief of Police Brad Hodge, Alleghany County Lt. Col. Matthew Bowser, , Alleghany County Deputy/D.A.R.E. Officer Chris Fisher, and Paula Crance. Back Row, left to right is Marion Williams, Mayme Smith, Frankie Ratliff, David Furry, Carol Anderson and Rita Anderson.







Hillsville Police Department

receives 13 ballistic vests

posted 5/28/2014


 Click Here to load the News Story from


Sheriff Michael J. Brown recently presented Hillsville Police Chief Greg Bolen with 13 ballistic vests that the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office provided to the Hillsville Police Department.

These vests were made possible through the sheriff’s office “Protect the Protector’s” grant program. The Hillsville Police Department was chosen along with a few other jurisdictions to receive the vests.

“I cannot express my gratitude enough to Sheriff Michael Brown, and the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office enough for providing these vests to our department,” Bolen said. “Sheriff’s Brown’s dedication to protecting all law enforcement officers speaks volumes to his character and commitment to public safety. These vests will no doubt provide piece of mind to our officers, but to their families as well.”

If the HPD had to purchase these vests, price would be anywhere from $800-$1000 per vest. The vests are made by TopLine Armor Systems, Fairfield, Ohio, so they are all American made. The Ballistic material is produced by DuPont, located in Virginia, also made in America.

The Protect the Protector program was developed by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, located in Bedford. A non-profit organization founded by Sheriff Mike Brown, Bedford County Sheriff’s Office. Please visit:

Protect the Protector is funded by dedicated Moose members throughout the state (and beyond) and by a grant from the Office of Attorney General, Virginia. Safe Surfin’ creates and distributes Internet safety information to schools, civic organizations, libraries, etc. Safe Surifn’ has also spearheaded other pro-active programs such as Internet Safety “Train the Trainer” programs, EZ Child/Senior ID, Cop In A Box, and Protect the Protector.







Donation Will Help Keep Area Police Officers Safe

Smyth County Lodge #1004 and

Washington County Moose Family Center #1966

posted  05/13/2014


The Glade Spring, Virginia Police Department received a special gift Wednesday.

Members of the Smyth and Washington County Moose International chapters donated four new bulletproof vests to the Glade Spring Police Department Wednesday morning.

The donation was part of the the Safe Surfin' Foundation and Protect the Protector program.

Glade Spring Police Chief Ricky Stumbo said even though crime rates are low in the town, there is still danger on every call. "Every time you go on a call, you're essentially in a place where you [can possibly encounter] someone with a firearm," he said. "Every call, unbeknownst to the situation, you could be in need of that vest at any moment."

He told us vests expire after five years, and this donation will help keep officers safe. "The kevlar that's inside the vest, as long as it's not moving, it's not doing anything. The minute somebody starts wearing it and moving the vest around, the fibers begin to move. Over that lifespan, they separate, and they become less effective at stopping a round if it was to take a bullet," Stumbo said.

Chief Stumbo told us vests are fitted to each individual officer. The donation brings the department's total to six effective vests.

Copyright © 2014 by WCYB.






Virginia Law Enforcement
Presented Ballistic Vests

December 5, 2013, Capitol Building, Richmond VA - 1:00pm


posted  12/05/2013

photo courtesy of Angela Hatcher

photo courtesy of Angela Hatcher



Virginia Law Enforcement to be

presented Ballistics Vests

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posted 11/28/2013 - updated 12/04/2013






Police Get Ballistics Vests

Protecting Those Who Protect Our Children

posted 8/02/2013


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Updated: Thursday, August 1 2013, 08:24 PM EDT

Jason Noonan's been a police officer for 17 years.

A few years ago, he bought his own ballistic vest for protection, with good reason. "I have a wife and kids that i go home to every night so to me it's very important that i have it and that i wear it on a daily basis."

But a lot of Noonan's fellow officers can't afford their own vests, and a lot of departments can't afford them either. Today, the Owensville Police Department got 16 of the 12-hundred dollar vests as a gift from the National Sheriff's Association and

Moose International.  It's through a foundation called Safe Surfin'.

The founder is Bedford County Virginia Sheriff Mike Brown.

"I been in this business 45 years. I've seen a lot of policemen die. Some for want of a ballistic vest and I want to know that I've done, when my time is up. I want to know that I've done everything i can do to protect, whether it's a trooper a pd, or a sheriff's office, I want to know that I've done it."

These vest are rated to basically handle just about any handgun load out there, and making this an even better deal, these are being manufactured by a local company. The Fairfield company is called Top Line, and that's just what the vests are; top of the line.

The local connection to this whole thing came from John Buckles. He and six businessmen friends all underwent police certification in the last few years to try and give back a bit. Initially they were afraid they wouldn't be taken seriously. "So we decided to go through and become police officers ourselves and look at departments where we could add value, not only as feet on the street so to speak but also from our business experience and connections."

Those connections lead Owensville Chief Mike Freeman to Top Line, the foundation and a safer department. Officer Scott Humphrey says "It's comfortable. You surprised? Yeah, this is wonderful. Currently the vest I've been wearing is 16 years old."

But not anymore.




Protect   The   Protectors

Protecting Those Who Protect Our Children

update from the Safe Surfin' Foundation website - posted 8/10/2013

You Can Help Protect the Protectors

August 9, 2013 By Safe Surfin' Foundation
When a fellow police officer in neighboring West Virginia was shot three times by a suspected child pornographer, the first question that came to the Sheriff Mike Brown’s mind was; “why wasn’t he wearing a ballistic vest?”. After meeting with the now recuperated, Corporal Loudin of the West VA State Police, he explained to Sheriff Brown that he was just going to talk to the suspect as he had many times before. This suspect was never known to be violent but something snapped this time, and this young Trooper found himself crawling to his vehicle, ducking for cover.

Corporal Loudin is now a strong advocate for the wearing of ballistic armor at all times, no matter how mundane a call to service may be.

The Sheriff started to do some research throughout the country. Did others have “mandatory wear” policies? What he found out was shocking. Many sheriff and police departments are grossly underfunded, they don’t even have ballistic vests to wear. Those that do have reported their vests to be 16, 18, 20 years old! The average life span of a ballistic vest is a mere 5 years.

This is how the “Protect the Protectors” project began. Every officer should have access to a vest; whether they are on the road, in the schools or in front of a computer.

Safe Surfin’ has coordinated efforts with Moose International and the National Sheriff’s Association raise funding to help our law enforcement brothers/sisters be better protected from those they protect us from. With the help of TopLine Armor Systems, we are able to supply these life saving vests to agencies in need.

Donations to this program go towards purchasing life saving ballistic vests to agencies in need.

Contact your VMA Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman, Winfred Campbell

for additional information


posted 7/20/2013

The Safe Surfin' Foundation is partnering to provide Protective Ballistics Vests to Law Enforcement Agencies that otherwise cannot provide these vests due to budget constraints.  With the assistance of the Moose Fraternity, these vests  help to protect those who are protecting our children.


Contact your VMA Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman, Winfred Campbell

for additional information


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Cpl. Andrew Shannon Loudin  - Shot by a Child Predator,  May 3rd, 2013

View his interview below as provided by WVU Healthcare's Ruby Memorial Hospital






 Finding Faith:


posted  03/11/2013



posted  03/08/2013



New Website announced for

 ‘Finding Faith’

posted 10/10/2012

Sheriff Mike Brown from Bedford County has released a new website for the film ‘Finding Faith’ that was filmed in Bedford County this past summer.
The website includes the films trailer, a special message from Erik Estrada on how people can get involved, premiere information and the films future North America tour schedule.
On Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Bruner Hall at 5:30 PM, Sheriff Brown will be answering questions about the progress of the film.
In addition, Sheriff Brown will be announcing the winner of the ‘Finding Faith’ Soundtrack Songwriter’s Award.
The contest held by the Songwriting Specialization Department offered students an opportunity to write and compose a song for the film’s soundtrack of Finding Faith. The winner would have an opportunity to showcase their song with other Christian artist on the soundtrack including: Jason Crabb, Newsboys, Avalon, Meredith Andrews and Charles Billingsley.
Katelyn Scott, a Senior at Liberty University, submitted her song Safe In Your Arms, and won. Safe In Your Arms will be performed by LU student Stephanie Bettcher, who plays the leading role of Faith Garrett in the film. In addition, the song will tour with Stephanie and the films star Erik Estrada next year as they travel America screening the film in churches and theaters.
To find out more about this exciting film please visit:



‘Finding Faith’   -  Official Trailer

posted 10/10/2012





Community Supports Film ‘Finding Faith’
Faith Based Film with Erik Estrada Finds Church Home

posted 04/25/2012


Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown is bringing Hollywood to Lynchburg this summer to film a movie about a subject matter he unfortunately knows too much about…..child predators on the Internet.


The film ‘Finding Faith’ is a full-length motion picture that will be filmed locally during the summer of 2012. The film will feature many child advocates and celebrities including television legend Erik Estrada. The film will be distributed internationally with a projection of opening in over 100 theaters nation-wide in November 2012. It will be a faith-based production in close association with Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Estrada along with other producers for the movie will be hosting an open casting call at Liberty University during the week of April 23rd thru the 28th. Those interested in being in the film should visit for more information. No pre-registration is required.

“Bedford County was a pioneer with Internet education and Internet safety, we thought appropriate to film here,” Brown explained. The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office was one of the nation’s first selected divisions for the Internet Against Crimes Task Forces.

“We are excited about this movie and the opportunity to use a compelling story on film to educate parents and children on Internet safety in a non-intimidating way,” Brown said.

The producers for the film hope to cast the majority of the supporting roles from the Lynchburg area. “We have an immense amount of talent right here. It’s important we have the community participate, especially the young people,” Brown said, “many scenes in the film require teenagers being teenagers.”

Brown hopes to partner with area businesses for help in the production and wants the beauty and historical significance of the area to be rooted in the film.



Community Supports Film ‘Finding Faith’

Faith Based Film with Erik Estrada Finds Church Home

 Central Virginia is buzzing Hollywood with a new film Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown and the Safe Surfin’ Foundation is bringing to Lynchburg this summer.  The film is called ‘Finding Faith’ and is based on many actual events the Sheriff has witnessed in his years as a national leader on protecting children on the Internet.   

‘Finding Faith’ is currently casting for the film and welcoming volunteers in the community to participate.  The producers for the film hope to use as much local talent from the community in the production of the film. “It’s been amazing. The community is really getting behind this project,” Brown said.

Because the film is interwoven with a Christian message targeted towards teens the Sheriff has asked Thomas Road Baptist Church and more specifically their dynamic Youth Department to get involved as the host church for the film.  Pastor Jonathan Falwell has agreed. 

A Press Conference is scheduled: 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thomas Road Baptist Church, Bruner Hall

(Adjacent to the Main Auditorium)

11:30 AM

Those in attendance will be: Pastor Jonathan Falwell, Sheriff Mike Brown, Erik Estrada, Delegate Scott Garrett, Senator Steve Newman, members from the Internet Crimes Against Children’s task Force and ‘Finding Faith’ Executive Producer Scottie Ward.

 National Spokesman for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, Erik Estrada has agreed to star in the film.  Estrada is best known for his leading role in the television series, “CHiP’s” and his fight against child predators on the Internet.  What you may not know, is that Estrada started out in faith based films.  In the 1970 film version of ‘The Cross and the Switchblade,’ Estrada made his film debut. 

 The goal for the film is to use a compelling story to educate parents and children on Internet safety in a non-intimidating way while challenging teens to live a purposeful life.

 Please visit: for more information.








Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office receives

ballistic vest from Sheriff Mike Brown

and the Safe Surfin’ Foundation

 posted 05/14/2014

May 13, 2014 By Safe Surfin' Foundation

Members of the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office proudly displays the ballistic vests they received recently as Sheriff Mike Brown continues to provide these vests to agencies across Virginia who cannot afford them in their budgets. Sheriff Brown is committed to protecting those that protect us and started the Protector the Protectors program last year with funding provided by Moose International, The National Sheriff’s Association and a grant received by the Attorney General. With over 200,000 officers across the country not having vests provided to them, they literally put their lives on the line every time they put on the uniform.

If you would like to assist with donating to this effort, please do so at our home page with the donation button or contact our co-founder Robin Sundquist at  or 540-586-4800.

We wish to Thank everyone that has helped with this project so far and stand with us as we help our officers be in the line of duty and service to their communities.






Wounded Warriors participating in H.E.R.O.

Human Exploitation Rescue Operatives

Child Rescue Corps.


Click Here to view article from the NRA American Warrior Magazine in reference to the

Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force

and the Safe Surfin' Foundation. 

posted 05/13/2014

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Safe Surfin' Foundation

visits Floyd Schools


posted 11/18/2013

By Roger Mannon
Staff Writer - Floyd Press

For kids, computers offer a gateway to the world. They can be fun and educational.

They can also be dangerous. The Safe Surfin’ Foundation visited Floyd schools Friday to help with internet safety at the youngest level.

“We’re doing this to be proactive,” said Eddie Worth, Director of Marketing for the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.

The group, headquartered in Bedford, has had a national impact in dealing with internet issues. Hollywood stars Eric Estrada and Kathy Ireland and former NBA player Shaquille O’Neill have lent their influence to the cause.

“We’ve been around for 13 years,” Worth said. “We were one of the first ten organizations in the nation to receive a Juvenile Justice grant from the Department of Justice.”

Last week’s schedule included stops at Floyd and Willis elementary schools and the high school, with two sessions at each school. The elementary school stops were divided into K-third grades and fourth-seventh grades.

“The message is the same for all the students,” said Worth, who is also a reserve deputy for the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department. “We have a cartoon element for the youngest grades, and then have a section on sexting for the high school.”

There is also emphasis on cyber-bullying. “There are about 160,000 students who avoid going to school each day for fear of being bullied,” Worth added.

Stephen Anders, who presents the programs, said he was aware of an eight-year old that had self-published nude photos on the internet. “There was a nine-year old in New York that committed suicide because of internet bullying.”

Safe Surfin’ has already made a presentation in Carroll County and plans similar events at the other elementary schools. Local churches are also scheduled to help spread the word.

Virginia is currently the only state that mandates internet education, Worth said. “Other states are looking to do it, too,” he added.






Cop-In-A-Box Assists in Investigation

posted  09/13/2013

Porn discovered on computer at
Floyd County Voter Registrations and Election Office
Doug Thompson | Posted: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 12:23 pm

     In the same week that auto mechanic and Iraq war veteran Mark Gregory Clabaugh, 30, and his father, Farm Credit manager Greg Clabaugh, were indicted on multiple counts of child pornography, a Virginia State Police investigator found evidence of pornography on a computer in the Floyd County Voter Registrations and Elections office at the Courthouse and seized a laptop from the home of a staff member.

     Special investigator Michael Bowman, in documentation on file with the Circuit Clerk’s office, said the staff member, named in the application for a search warrant but not yet charged in the case, admitted accessing pornography on the office computer but denied any activities involving child porn or to copying the material onto external “thumb drives” to take home.

     Bowman, in a statement presented to obtain a search warrant of the staff member’s house, said special software used as part of his investigation revealed child porn was downloaded on the office computer and that the material was downloaded to “external drives.”

     That information was used to obtain the warrant to search a home on Parkway Lane South, where a Toshiba laptop computer and several USB thumb drives were recovered.

     As a result of Bowman’s investigation, Floyd County officials changed locks to the Electoral Board offices.

                          Click Here to view full text of News Article posted at swva today






Safe Surfin' Foundation

Assists Wounded Warriors With Training

posted  08/30/2013

Click On Photo Above to view Local Lynchburg, VA. News Coverage Video from WSET13


Oak Ridge, TN – An elite group of wounded veterans are currently training to go after online sexual predators, with the help of Bedford County Sheriff Mike Brown.
  The wounded warriors are the first participants in the HERO (Human Exploitation Rescue Operatives) Child-Rescue Corps. They are currently training to work internet crimes against children investigations at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN.
  The veterans were carefully screened to make sure they're mentally prepared to stop online sexual predators, and find the children who are their victims.
  Veterans had already been selected for the first class when organizers learned the federal government would not pay for computers, due to sequestration.
  When Sheriff Brown learned the program could be cut he asked the Safe Surfin' Foundation to provide the computers. Sheriff Brown personally delivered 21 new laptops and monitors to the veterans in Oak Ridge earlier this month.
  The equipment was paid for with money from Moose International, a major supporter of Safe Surfin'.
  ABC 13 traveled back to Oak Ridge with Sheriff Brown to attend a special reception for the veterans at the local Moose Lodge. There, we met Justin Gaertner and Kristy Riles, two of the wounded warriors in the program.
  "I've fought against terrorists, Taliban, all that type of stuff," said Gaertner. "I didn't realize how affected our country was with terrorists as well, as far as these complete sickos who are doing unimaginable things to our children."
  Gaertner, 24, lost both legs in a blast in Afghanistan in 2010. He's now medically retired from the Marines.
  "I'm going from the Marine Corps to the HERO Corps. It's from serving my country to serving my country again," said Gaertner. "I'm not out there looking for bombs, but I'm looking for these guys, which is just as hard because you have to have the knowledge and mindset to know what to look for."
  "I wasn't done serving my country yet and this is just a continuation," said Riles.
  Riles, 31, broke her back during an airborne jump at Ft. Bragg, NC. As the stepmother of a 13-year-old girl, she hopes to use her training to help families make smart decisions when it comes to internet use.
  "I'd love to go speak in schools and anywhere I can, PTA meetings just to get it out there and make parents really aware of the reality," said Riles. "If we could save just one the devastation that abuse causes. It's a lifetime."
  "I want to save children. That's the whole point I'm here," said Gaertner. The veteran says his 8-year-old sister is motivation to participate in the program.
  The veterans will finish the first round of training in Oak Ridge this week. They'll then head to Northern Virginia for additional training with Homeland Security and ICE.







Smyth County Lodge #1004

Contributes $3,500.00

to the Safe Surfin' Foundation

posted  08/29/2013

Harley Pack presents Sheriff Mike Brown, Chairman of the Safe Surfin' Foundation, with a check for $3,500.00 on behalf of the Smyth County Lodge #1004

during the VMA Annual Convention at the Roanoke Sheraton Hotel






Erik Estrada and Sheriff Mike Brown

 meet with Loudon County, VA Sheriff Michael Chapman

to Discuss Internet Crimes Educational Programs


posted 04/08/2013


April 3, 2013, Sheriff Mike Brown and special guest, Erik Estrada, met with Loudon County, VA,  Sheriff  Michael Chapman and discussed numerous subjects including Sheriff Chapman’s Internet crimes educational program he has launched throughout his school district. Sheriff Brown invited Sheriff Chapman and some of his staff to attend the screening of Finding Faith, the film produced by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.  The National Reconnaissance Office in Chantilly hosted the event which was broadcast throughout the US and overseas.






Timothy Peters Joins Law Enforcement

in Fight to Protect Children


Click Here to View and Print the Official Press ReleaseHandbook and Planning Guide in Adobe PDF 

posted 04/08/2013


Where: Martinsville Speedway

When:  April 6, 2013, Saturday, 10:15AM


Martinsville, VA - Sheriff Mike Brown, Administrator of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, ( and the Founder of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation, ( in Bedford County, VA, is honored to swear in NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Timothy Peters. The driver of the No.17

Red Horse Racing Toyota Tundra, will serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff and spokesperson assigned to the task force and foundation that tracks down sexual predators that go after our children on the Internet.

Peters joins our national spokesperson panel that already includes Erik Estrada, Shaquille O’Neal, Kathy Ireland, Jason Crabb, Jeremy Piven, Armon Assante, Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) and William Lee Golden of the Oak Ridge Boys. Together, their efforts will help raise awareness to the issues of sexual exploitation and sexual predators that use the Internet to find their next victim.

Peters will contribute to the aid in bringing awareness to the need for preventative measures. These measures will help children avoid falling victim to online sexual predators and the real dangers of the sex slavery trade that is growing right here in the United States. He will also record several Public Service Announcements that will be broadcast to alert children, parents, grandparents and others to the dangers of the Internet.

Along with the PSAs, Peters will visit other Internet Task Force operations around the country. These visits will bring exposure to the efforts of these high tech, dedicated task forces and their fight against the sexual predators that use the Internet for their nefarious deeds.

He will also attend fund raising events that the Safe Surfin’ Foundation holds throughout the country. The events help secure funds necessary in providing the educational material that the Foundation distributes to schools, civic organizations, parents, teachers and others AT NO COST TO THE RECIPIENT!

Safe Surfin’ Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) IRS Tax Exempt Foundation and receives no funding from the state or federal government.

The media is encouraged to attend and celebrate those who go the extra mile in their busy lives to help protect the safety of all children.





Waynesboro Moose Family Center #1309 March Newsletter Features the Safe Surfin’ Foundation

Posted: 27 Feb 2013 02:06 PM PST

The Waynesboro Moose Family Center #1309 March newsletter features a wonderful article by their talented editor; Debbie Akers.

Erik Estrada, Sheriff Mike Brown and his Safe Surfin’ team were pleased to attend the fund raising event at Waynesboro, VA, Family Center and truly appreciate their hospitality. Moose International and Women of the Moose are to be applauded for their commitment to raising awareness about the evils that lurk online, their financial support to the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and their dedication to making communities a safer place for all chidren!

Excerpts from the article:

Internet and Cell Phone Predator Prevention.

by: Debbie Akers
Erik Estrada, a full-time deputy sheriff in Bedford County, Virginia and a spokesman for Safe Surfin’ was at the Waynesboro Moose Family Center in January, speaking about Internet safety. His visit was just prior to the release of the film “Finding Faith” which he and members of the cast are traveling around the country on the Finding Faith American Tour. They are screening the film and speaking on relevant issues the film addresses.
Finding Faith is inspired by a compilation of actual events that Sheriff Mike Brown has investigated through his Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Three victims were brave enough to come forward and tell their stories. In a recent Safe Surfin’ Foundation Public Service Announcement, one of the victims courageously told the story of how she was abducted by a child predator and remained captive for three days before being rescued by the police.
The last contact her family had with her was seeing her walk down their driveway in rural Virginia talking on her cell phone. The victim was met at the end of the driveway by two people who forced her into a pickup truck at knife point. She was abducted and held hostage until police rescued her in Pittsburgh, PA.
Michael Brown, Sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia, explains “This abduction occurred through the use of a cell phone and the new technology allowing kids to chat via these new smart phones.” The victim had been texting and chatting for several weeks by cell phone with someone she believed to be a 16 year-old boy. She felt the relationship was innocent and frequently chatted with the boy about normal teenage troubles. But the person she was chatting with was actually a 38-year old man who disguised himself as the boy. He and a female companion drove over 400 miles from his home in Pittsburgh to abduct their victim.
“We can’t just focus on Internet safety now. Technology is changing and child predators are always looking for new ways to hurt children,” Brown states. This story is a wake-up call for all parents to begin monitoring their children’s cell phones. The situation emphasizes the importance of parental involvement.
“This victim was one of the lucky ones, and we are so proud of her and her family for sharing this terrible experience in order to educate more and more young people. We are thankful that she wants to share her story,” Brown concludes.
The FBI estimates that 88 million [kids] are on-line in the U.S. alone and will visit one or more of the 40,000-plus chat rooms routinely visited by child sexual predators. Safety software parents could install on home computers might not prevent the threat. The FBI also reports a 100% chance that a child using the internet will be approached by a child predator.
The average age a child starts using a cell phone, is 12.1. The average age of when a child starts using a computer, is 6.
With the number of Smartphones, as well as simple wireless phones that allow internet browsing, Internet safety is not just on the home computer anymore. Technology is changing and child predators are always looking for new ways to hurt children.
cautionlaptopIn 2012 it was reported that 90% of US households have a computer and 82% of US Population use a wireless phone. 35% of wireless phones sales are Smartphones.
The most popular Smartphone activity is texting, followed by internet browsing and playing games. It is estimated that 184.3 billion text messages are sent a month. released figures for website usage in the US during May 2012 and Google came out on top across all websites in terms of total unique visitors, with its 173 million beating Facebook by over 20 million. Although Facebook came in 2nd for the number of unique users, it dominated the field, with people spending almost six hours per month on the site – three times longer than its closest rival.
To fulfill requests from its customers, nTelos Wireless announced the launch of a new custom parental control application in 2012.
Parental Control, is designed to give parents peace of mind in multiple ways, from offering custom reports that show who is texting their children to a GeoAlert feature, which alerts them when their child arrives safely at school or a friend’s house. In addition, a parent can also use the location feature to locate their child’s device at any time to determine where their child is located. The app can also alert parents when certain key words are used in texts, or when there are changes to their child’s address book.
“This app is perfect for parents who want their child to have a cell phone for convenience or emergencies, but also want to set boundaries on when and how they use their phone,” said Conrad Hunter, chief operating officer of nTelos Wireless. “Parents download the app to their child’s phone, and then use a website to set the controls and features.”
“In a mobile, digital world, parents need help to gain insight into their kids’ mobile lives,” Hunter added. “Without parental guidance, kids can easily misuse cell phones to become inadvertent bullies, or their victims, or worse. This was a feature our customers were asking for, so we’re delivering.”
Safe Surfin’ educates the public about Internet crimes involving children through its interactive website, special events, printed materials, public service announcements, and other educational opportunities. Free education software is also offered.
Safe Surfin’ has both the EZ Child/Elderly ID kit and the Cop in Box programs that we can implement in our area with the help of local law enforcement agencies.
The Waynesboro Moose Family Center donates annually to the Safe Surfin’ foundation in hopes of helping to make an impact. With the help of Safe Surfin’, the release of “Finding Faith”, Education, Law Enforcement and Wireless Companies, we can all help to protect and keep children safe.

Cop In A Box

copinabox150featuredThe number of law enforcement officers watching over our children’s Internet activity was so small the Safe Surfin’ and Sheriff Mike Brown decided to help. That help came in the form of a ‘Cop in a Box’. The Cop in a Box is a trained police officer with the knowledge and equipment to apprehend and remove sexual predators targeting our children on the Internet. Safe Surfin’ Foundation will provide funding, hardware, software and a proven training curriculum for agencies affiliated with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC). EZ Child/Elderly ID Kit Every day 2000 children are reported missing and thousands of the elderly wander off. The key to recovering these children/elders is quick action by parents/ guardians and law enforcement. Safe Surfin’ offers the nation’s most comprehensive digital fingerprinting child/ elderly identification system. We ensure that we capture all the vital information required by the Amber Alert system. Our EZ Child ID/ Elderly form includes all 10 fingerprints and is saved in the universal PDF format. The parent/guardian receives the EZ Child/ Elderly ID CD or thumb drive with all the information on it. This aids in the reporting time if a child is abducted or an elder is missing. The parent/guardian can either take the CD or email the form to a police department.

EZ Child/Elderly ID System

EZChildSeniorIDKitLogoThe number of law enforcement officers watching over our children’s Internet activity was so small the Safe Surfin’ and Sheriff Mike Brown decided to help. That help came in the form of a ‘Cop in a Box’. The Cop in a Box is a trained police officer with the knowledge and equipment to apprehend and remove sexual predators targeting our children on the Internet. Safe Surfin’ Foundation will provide funding, hardware, software and a proven training curriculum for agencies affiliated with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC).

Download the Waynesboro Moose Lodge Newsletter here.






Erik Estrada on Internet Safety & Children

Verona Moose Family Center #2172

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

posted 02/06/2013

     On January 16, 2013, Erik Estrada visited the Verona Moose Family Center to talk about Internet safety and children. Gina Farthing, of the News Virginian, covered the event in this article.

Posted: Sunday, January 27, 2013 7:30 am
By Gina Farthing For The News Virginian

     Imagine being invited to an event where a TV star from the ‘70s and ‘80s will be; that’s what members of the Verona Moose Family Center got to do Jan. 16.  Following a two-hour spaghetti supper fundraiser, Erik Estrada from the TV show, “CHiPs,” which aired from 1977 to 1983, visited with about 50 Moose members and their families.
     Estrada’s appearance wasn’t about rekindling the entertainment side of his career.  No, he came to help adult caretakers of children become more aware of the dangers that Internet usage could pose to young innocents and efforts within the law enforcement and civic community designed to minimize the threat – particularly from online predators known as pedophiles.
     Law enforcement, which began battling Internet crimes against children years ago, realized their efforts were being outrun by online criminals and created a way to intercept efforts directed towards their prey.
     Thus, Safe Surfin’ Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, was created in 2000 by a group of people including the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and Southern Virginia Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, formerly known as Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, to educate potential victims.
     “They realized they were never going to stop it by continually searching online,” said Robin Sundquist, a cofounder of Safe Surfin’.
     It was time to educate children, parents, teachers, libraries, PTAs and others who provided care for children.
     “It is so kids can learn not to be taken,” said Estrada.  “With education they can’t be had.”
     Child porn has been around forever, Sundquist said.  “It used to be ordered through the mail from Eastern-bloc countries that sold nude pictures of children until the U.S. Postal Service worked to stop it and made it very difficult to get.
     But today, she said, there are social networking sites, Skype, phone cameras, webcams and a lot of people making material in their own homes.
     Even images posted by loving parents, for example, of their child’s first bath, can be retrieved from the Internet and used to create pornography.
     “People need to be aware of how someone will react to what they post … it might spark something in them, even if the picture is innocent,” Sundquist said.
     With the FBI estimating that “88 million [kids] are online in the U.S. alone and will visit one or more of the 40,000-plus chat rooms routinely visited by child sexual predators,” even safety software parents could install on home computers might not prevent the threat.
     “Kids are so gullible,” she said, “and even if they can’t get on at home, they go to friends’ homes that might not have prevention software, or the library, or even their cell phones.  The key is to educate them beforehand.
     “According to the FBI, there is a 100-percent chance that your child will meet a sexual predator in a chat room and not even know it,” Sundquist said.
     But education costs money, which is why Moose International entered into an agreement with Safe Surfin’ to help provide funding and publicity, said Eddie Worth, a Moose member who travels with Estrada to events.
     “Without the Moose, we wouldn’t be where we are now,” he said.  “Eighty-five percent of our donations have come from Moose members and the money goes towards education.”
     Educational efforts include volunteers to speak to groups of people such as classes, community groups and civic organizations, businesses and more. Community events like Cop in a Box and EZID provide parents and caretakers opportunities to have children fingerprinted and photographed for future reference if an Amber Alert or missing child alert is needed.  Funding has also gone to a film effort, which made its premier in Lynchburg over the weekend of Jan.19.
     These are the reasons the Verona Moose Family Center held the event: to educate, to raise funds and to help members’ children get identified.  At the center that night, Moose members donated two checks to Safe Surfin’ totally $1,500.  Through previous donations, they also had provided the Augusta County Sheriff’s Department with an EZID system, which was used after the dinner.
     “Luckily, we’re fortunate enough that we haven’t had to use EZID,” said Cpl Derek Almarode, of the Augusta County Sheriff’s Department.  “And we’ve done several hundred children.”
     The film, “Finding Faith,” is about a girl named Faith who, based on true-life events, was abducted by a cell phone contact she thought was innocent. The faith-based film stars Estrada as a sheriff, which he also is in real life, with Bedford County.
     “’We can’t just focus on Internet safety now.  Technology is changing and child predators are always looking for new ways to hurt children,’ Brown stated,” on the film’s website.  “This story is a wake-up call for all parents to begin monitoring their children’s cell phones.  The situation emphasizes the importance of parental involvement.”
     Therefore, more education and awareness is needed.
     “There is only one trainer currently,” Worth said.  “He went to three states and gave classes to more than 5,000 kids.  We’re hoping to hire professionals to do the classes.”
     The estimated cost for those professionals, Worth said, is about $1 million. That is in addition to costs for specialized equipment such as the$2,500 EZID program, the $3,500 Cop in a Box program, free presentations to schools and free “Finding Faith” showings to be held at 200 churches nationwide.
     “People should go to the for more information regarding volunteering, training and holding student events.  Oh, and we definitely take donations,” said Sundquist.  “We’re all volunteers right now.”







Floyd Lodge #2300

Donates $1,000.00 to Safe Surfin' Foundation

posted 02/03/2013

Floyd Moose Lodge sponsored Safe Surfin event with Erik Estrada

on January 20, 2013.  Attached is pictures from the event.

We also donated $1,000 to Safe Surfin.






Thank You Message To Erik Estrada

and the Safe Surfin' Foundation

January 30th, 2013





Fredericksburg Moose Family Center #1655

Donates $7,000.00 to Safe Surfin' foundation


posted 01/21/2013


Erik Estrada with Fredericksburg Administrator Bob Guest




Erik Estrada 1-on-1

On Internet Safety for Children


Erik Estrada spoke 1on1 in a live interview with WHSV-TV3

about the importance of Internet safety for children. Watch the video below.

posted 01/20/2013



80s TV Star

on Cyber Safety Education Tour

Stops in the Valley

Waynesboro Moose Family Center #1309

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

posted 01/18/2013


     Erik Estrada played a cop on the hit 80s show CHiPs. Now, the real-life sheriff's deputy is traveling Virginia following what he calls his life's passion.
     Fans waited patiently in the Waynesboro Moose Lodge for the arrival of Erik Estrada, or Frank Poncherello.
     "He was my heart throb," said fan Lynn Shuey.
      Now, Estrada is lending his celebrity to a bigger cause: internet safety.
     "As an adult, father, as a parent I feel like I'm responsible for my children of course. But as an adult I feel like I'm responsible for all children," Estrada said.
     A growing threat to young people is cyber predators. Waynesboro Detective Becky Meeks says teenagers are the most vulnerable.
     "You don't really know who you're talking to you don't know where they're really at," she said. "Find me a teenager that doesn't have a Facebook page. They are very much on the internet talking to people."
     Estrada works with the Safe Surfin' Foundation to teach young people about the very real threats of cyber predators.
     "So our kids can be educated and not be taken by these very cunning, shrewd, bad people," he said.
     Estrada did leave time to chat with his adoring fans, including a 17-year-old Waynesboro senior who happens to be named Erik Estrada.
     This Saturday in Lynchburg, Estrada and the Safe Surfin' Foundation will be showing a movie they made called "Finding Faith," about online predators.

Reported by Tara Todd.

Click Here to view original news article from





Safe Surfin' Fundraiser with Erik Estrada

Woodbridge Moose Family Center #583

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

posted 12/19/2012

     Woodbridge Moose Family Center hosted a fundraiser for Safe Surfin' on Sunday, 12/9/12. The crowd, especially the ladies, was thrilled when spokesperson Eric Estrada arrived for a "meet and greet" in the afternoon. The College of Regents and Star Records members of Virginia had voted to make a donation of $250 to this worthwhile program during their annual retreat at Mountain Lake in October. College of Regents Coordinator, PDGR Doreen Wallace, just happened to be able to personally present the check to Eric along with DGR Shirley Head other COR and S/R members.




Safe Surfin' Fundraiser with Erik Estrada

Woodbridge Moose Family Center #583

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

posted 12/17/2012

     The Safe Surfin Foundation fund raiser held on the 9th of December at the Woodbrige Moose Family Center # 583 was a great success.  Erik Estrada was greeted by a room full of Moose members eager to open their wallets and pocketbooks in support of the Safe Surfin Foundation. Mr. Estrada showed his appreciation by shaking every hand in the house and kissing all of the ladies.  Anyone who wanted a pictured taken wit Erik, he was more than happy to oblige.

     After an afternoon of raffles, silent auctions, 50/50's and generous donations from local Lodges, Chapters, State College of Regents Committee and American Legion Post 162 more than $3200.00 was raised for the Safe Surfin Foundation.

     I would like to thank the following Lodges and Chapters for their support for this event.


Woodbridge Lodge 583 Franconia Lodge 1076
Woodbridge Chapter 653 Franconia Chapter 1042
Stafford Lodge 2215 Manassas Lodge 1380
Dale City Lodge 2165 Manassas Chapter 1392
Colonial Beach Lodge 1267 State College of Regents Committee

     American Legion Post 162 Auxiliary, Legion Riders, and SAL.

     Again thank you for everyone's support for this great cause.

Kenny Head
Woodbridge Moose Family Center 583





Erik Estrada Discusses Safe Surfin’

Front Royal Lodge #829

Monday, December 10th, 2012

posted 12/11/2012

Erik Estrada in a more lighthearted

moment during his visit to the

Front Royal Moose Lodge on Monday night.


     Erik Estrada doesn’t just protect and serve in his acting roles. He also does both in his day-to-day life.
     Most famous for his role as Frank “Ponch” Poncherello on CHiPs in the 1970s and 1980s, Estrada visited the Front Royal Moose Lodge 829 Chapter 1194 on Monday night to talk about the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.
     Moose lodges around the country support the foundation, which teaches children about the dangers of Internet predators.
     “To educate is the only way you’re going to save anyone,” Estrada said. “It’s the best thing for prevention. That’s the only way children are not going to be able to be smoked as I say, or had, over the Internet by these very shady, intelligent sexual online predators.”
     Raised in Spanish Harlem in New York City, Estrada dreamed of following in the footsteps of his mother’s boyfriend, a police officer whom he idolized.
     “I’ve always had the passion to be a cop,” he told the Moose Lodge members.
     That vocational passion was put on hiatus at 17 when the romantic passion he felt for a classmate led him to drama club.
     But, 10 years ago, he went to police academy in Indiana and became a reserve police officer in Muncie. Several years ago, he heard about the work Sheriff Mike Brown in Bedford County, Va., was doing to fight online child predators.

Front Royal resident Norma Capps talks about

Internet predators with actor and activist

Erik Estrada on Monday night at the

Front Royal Moose Lodge 829 Chapter 1194.

     The men met the next day, and Estrada soon met a young woman  who was snatched by an Internet pedophile. A day later, Estrada went  to the headquarters of Operation Blue Ridge Thunder, the cyber patrol set up by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office in 1998, according to the office’s website.

     It was there that Estrada was given a shocking glimpse into the realities of childhood sexual abuse.
One of the undercover investigators
typed in the characters “4YO” into a computer.
     “He says, ‘What’s that?’” Estrada recalled. “And, I don’t know squat. He says, ‘Watch this.’ He clicks a key on his keypad. All of a sudden, the screen starts to fill up with these IP numbers, identification numbers. About five different screens just filling up. It stopped at 457. He says, ‘There, you see that? There you have it. That’s it. Four hundred fifty-seven people want to share 4-year-old child pornography with you right now.’”
     The investigator was going to click on one, and Estrada, whose daughter was then only 5 herself, said he didn’t want to see it.

     “He just grabbed me by my neck and says, ‘Sit down,’” Estrada said.

     The video showed a cute little girl twirling around in a white dress.
     “Then, all of a sudden, it’s cut to her being bound and two men are on her,” said Estrada as some women in the audience gasped. “I got up and left the room. I went outside. I lit a cigar. I think I smoked two of them before I went back in. I was a mess. You get very emotional. It will affect you.
     “You get enraged, and then you get involved.”
     He told Brown he wanted to be active in fighting the scourge of child pornography and abuse.
     “I was hooked ever since,” said Estrada. “That’s why I do what I do.”
     What he does is promote Safe Surfin’, which provides free educational materials to schools, churches and other organizations.  He also has lobbied the General Assembly on behalf of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces.
     Perverts have moved from parks to family living rooms, Estrada said. They groom children and teenagers and then coerce them into meeting them in person, where the child can be grabbed. From there, Estrada said, they take the youngster to a hotel, “strap them to the wall, the floor, rape them for two or three days in a row, and the lucky child is the one that gets murdered.”
     Those who survive are often shattered, he said.
     Estrada sat down for an interview after his presentation – and after he’d posed for pictures with eager fans, and accepted a check for Safe Surfin’ from the Moose Lodge.

Front Royal Moose Lodge 829 Chapter 1194

Senior Regent Bobbie Jo Whited

presents a check to Erik Estrada to benefit

the Safe Surfin’ Foundation Monday night

     “This is a no-brainer,” he said of fighting child predation. “Once they lose their innocence, they never get it back. People don’t want to hear about it because it’s too ugly. It’s too scary. It’s human nature [to block it out] until it happens to you, until you’re directly affected by a situation like that.
     “We got a major problem just in the state of Virginia, but it’s everywhere. It’s everybody’s problem…but people don’t want to believe it.”
     The Penn State abuse and cover-up is an example of this.
“That was a sin,” Estrada said emphatically. “They let [Jerry Sandusky] get away with it. They saw it. They knew it, and they let him get away with it. They’re just as guilty by association and by omission.”
     It all comes back to education.
     “I want the parents to be aware that this is out there,” Estrada said.
He is in a new film, called “Finding Faith,” produced by the Safe Surfin’ Foundation and based on real cases.
     Front Royal resident Norma Capps talked to Estrada about the dangers children today face.
     “My question to him — how young,” she said. “You think of 13, 16-year-old girls or young boys. You don’t think of infants.”
     For more information on the film, go to For more information on the foundation, go to
Contact staff writer Sally Voth at 540-465-5137 ext. 164, or


Click Here to view additional photos from the visit by Erik Estrada




Safe Surfin' Foundation

2012 Tampa International Convention


posted 07/06/2012

SSF Director of Development - Eddie Worth,

Moose International Supreme Governor - Wes Crowder,

SSF Director of Research - Ron Porter




' Safe Sam ' Visits Carroll County High School

Sponsored by Galax Lodge #733


posted 03/28/2012



     March 21, 2012. The Safe Surfin’ Foundation conducted a two-day symposium at the Carroll County High School in Central Virginia for nearly 3,000 participants. The response was impressive as not only students and teachers attended but concerned parents and leaders from the community.

     “The attendance doesn’t really shock me considering the seriousness of the epidemic we are children are facing each day when they go online,” says Ron Porter of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation.

     Porter made his presentation to the parents in the community encouraging them to become more involved in their children’s online world. “I can’t make a parent do something but I can suggest the techniques,” said Porter.
Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Smith with ten-years experience in child Internet safety was the primary instructor for all the students in Grades 2-12.

     Smith warned the crowd of teenagers, “Children are actually taking images of themselves and sending them to a friend or boyfriend or girlfriend and not realizing that picture is out there as a fingerprint for the rest of their lives.”

     A ‘special addition’ was the introduction of “A girl named Danielle”, Safe Surfin’s Teen Victim spokesperson, who addressed the middle-age and high school students.

     Danielle is helping law enforcement in the fight against internet crimes, but two years ago, then Danielle, 14, was the victim of an online predator. Wade shared her terrifying tale with Carroll County High School students Friday morning. Nearly all of them are active on social media.

     Safe Surfin’ Foundation would like to thank the Officers of the Moose International fraternal organization’s, Lodge # 733, of Galax, Virginia for participating and supporting these events. “Their dedication to this community should be commended,” Porter said during a panel discussion with local law enforcement officials, as well as School officials, and the Carroll County Commonwealth Attorney.





So Many Victims, So Many Predators;

So Few Investigators

Fighting Child Porn - Help For Smaller Agencies


posted 03/08/2012

Click Here for print version for Posting and Distribution





Thank You To The Moose

A Special Message from Sheriff Brown !

posted 02/21/2012

     For the past four years, the men and woman of the Moose from all over America have made a tremendous impact on protecting the Internet from child predators.  Their generosity has helped educate thousands of young people on Internet safety and have put away equally the number of sexual predators.

     With our partnership with Moose International the Safe Surfin’ Foundation has become a national leader in the development, implementation, and training for mandatory Internet safety educational programs.  Our programs include public speaking appearances for parental and community groups, in school presentations for students, ‘train the trainer’ seminars, and printed Internet safety materials.

Thank you Moose for deciding to stand with us to protect our kids.





Another Victim: Another Story

posted 02/21/2012



     The Safe Surfin’ Foundation recently produced another Public Service Announcement warning young teenagers on the dangers of the Internet. Danielle courageously told her story on how she was abducted by a child predator and then forced to remain with him for three days before police rescue.

     “All of these stories Safe Surfin’ have produced as PSA’s are tremendously difficult to record. Danielle’s testimony was emotionally heartbreaking for the entire crew but demonstrated her deepest desire to educate her peers,” Sheriff Mike Brown said about the production.

     Danielle,15, was last seen near her her home in rural Virginia. The last contact her family had with her before being abducted was noticing her walking down her driveway talking on her cell phone. On that particular walk, Danielle was met at the end of the driveway by Edward Bracken and Regina Powell who forced her into a pick-up truck at knife point. She was abducted and held hostage until police rescued her in Pittsburgh, PA.

     Danielle’s story is a bit different. Sheriff Brown explains, “This was not a typical online abduction that we see so often with child predators. This abduction occurred by the use of cell phone and the new technology allowing kids to chat via these new smart phones.” Danielle was actually talking to her assailant the night she disappeared walking to the end of her driveway.

     Danielle had been texting and chatting with whom she believed to be a 16 year-old boy through her cell phone for several weeks. She felt the relationship was innocent and frequently chatted via her phone to the boy about normal teenage troubles. Edward Bracken, 38, was the man disguised as the boy that drove over 400 miles from his home in Pittsburgh to abduct her.

    “We can’t just focus on Internet safety now. Technology is changing and child predators are always looking for new ways to hurt children,” Brown stated. Danielle’s story is a wake-up call for all parents to begin monitoring their children’s cell phone and stresses the importance of parental involvement.

     “Danielle is lucky. And we are so proud of her and her family for sharing this terrible experience in order to educate more and more young people. We are thankful that Danielle wants to share her story,” Brown concluded.

     Danielle Wade will become part of Safe Surfin’s Educational Program. Should you like to have Danielle visit you school, church or community group please contact Jason Campbell, SSF Executive Director at





Safe Surfin' Foundation  Chairman

Sheriff Mike Brown named

'Outstanding Law Enforcement Executive'


posted 10/17/2011

Sheriff Mike Brown with Congressman Lamar Smith

(from left to right) Don Brackman, NW3C Director;

John Jones, Executive Director, Virginia Sheriffs’ Association;

Art Gordon, Past President, FLEOA; Sheriff Mike Brown;

Ron Laney, Senior Adviser to the Administrator, U.S. Department of Justice,

Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; and

Darryl DuBois, retired ATF Senior Special Agent.



Click Here to print the above Press Release dated October 17th, 2011






Safe Surfin' Foundation Chairman Sheriff Mike Brown

testifies before the United States Judiciary Subcommittee

on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security

posted  07/14/2011

Sheriff Mike Brown with Congressman Lamar Smith

Sheriff Bike Brown with Congressman Lamar Smith






Safe Surfin E-Newsletter Mailing List:


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internet safety tips

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 05:52 AM PDT

If you or your children use the internet, use these internet safety tips to teach your family how to stay safe online.

Flirting in Chat RoomsInternet Safety Tips for Chat Rooms

1. Chat rooms aren’t really safe. Anyone can join a chat room and see what you are typing.

2. People aren’t who they say they are. There is an alarming number of predators that use chat rooms on the internet and pretend to be someone they are not.

3. Never, ever arrange meetings with strangers. They probably aren’t who they say they are.

4. You can’t always hide personal information. Checkout this video of a real girl who could not hide her identity >

Go to wired safety to find out basic safety tips of online chat rooms and more internet safety tips.

Internet Safety Tips using Facebook

1. Be careful about who you add as friends. Only add people you know well enough that you are comfortable with them reading everything you have written, or seeing all of your pictures.

2. Don’t allow your children to use Facebook. Only allow grown teens to use it, and then monitor it very carefully.

3. Don’t post your address or other personal information about yourself.

4. Check your settings and make your Facebook page private.

Look at Facebook’s safety tips for educators, parents and teens >

Education is Key to Internet Safety

If you want your kids and family to be safe on the internet, make sure to take our internet safety pledge, and do regular discussions about being safe on the internet.

The more you monitor and stay in discussion about internet safety, the less likely you will be to face danger. Read more internet safety tips and keep your kids safe through education.






Tommy Moose Bookmarks

Internet Safety Tips on Back

Available From Catalog Sales





Virginia Senate Joint Resolution #103

Commending the Bedford Moose Lodge #1897

the Virginia Moose Association and Moose International

Offered January 13th, 2010 - Presented on Floor March 3rd, 2010


posted  03/03/2010

Virginia's 23rd District Senator Steve Newman presented Senate Joint Resolution #103

to the Bedford Moose Lodge #1897, the Virginia Moose Association and

Moose International in recognition of their outstanding support

of the Safe Surfin' Foundation at the State Capitol Wednesday March 3rd, 2010

Photo taken in Virginia Senate Chambers


posted 01/27/2010 updated 03/03/2010

Senate Joint Resolution No. 103

Commending the Moose Lodge in Bedford,

the Virginia Moose Association, and Moose International
Patron -- Stephen D. Newman

WHEREAS, the Moose Lodge in Bedford, the Virginia Moose Association, and Moose International are recognized for their outstanding support of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation; and

WHEREAS, founded in 2000, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation is the educational entity of the nationally recognized Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) known as Blue Ridge Thunder, which is sponsored by the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office and directed by Sheriff Mike Brown; and

WHEREAS, the Safe Surfin’ Foundation helps provide families, teachers, school administrators, law-enforcement officers, public librarians, and civic groups with the information and resources necessary to keep exploration of the Internet safe and fun for all of Virginia’s children; and

WHEREAS, Virginia Moose members received special training in Internet safety instruction approved by the Department of Justice that they in turn presented in their respective communities to increase education, awareness, and implementation of local programs across the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, through generous donations and fund-raising campaigns, the dedicated members of the Moose Lodge in Bedford, the Virginia Moose Association, and Moose International have become tireless advocates in the fight to locate and arrest online predators that prey upon our innocent children; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED by the Senate, the House of Delegates concurring, That the General Assembly commend the Moose Lodge in Bedford, the Virginia Moose Association, and Moose International for their outstanding support of the Safe Surfin’ Foundation; and, be it

RESOLVED FURTHER, That the Clerk of the Senate prepare a copy of this resolution for presentation to representatives of the Moose Lodge in Bedford, the Virginia Moose Association, and Moose International as an expression of the General Assembly’s gratitude for the Moose organization’s commitment to protect young people from Internet predators.






Congressional Award Presentation

posted  02/10/2010

Virginia's 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte presents the Congressional Award to

Moose International Director of Membership Shawn M. Baile

at the House of Representatives session Wednesday January 20th, 2010

L-R:  Shawn Baile (Moose International Director of Membership), Matt Grove (Virginia Moose Association Regional Manager), Wes Crowder (Moose International Supreme Prelate and Supreme Councilman, Virginia Moose Association Secretary), Sheriff Mike Brown (Chairman Safe Surfin' Foundation), Aaron Kennard (Executive Director NSA), Virginia 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Sheriff John Zaruba (President, NSA)

Photo taken in VIP Salon, US Capitol Visitor Center, Capitol Hill



Tribute To Operation Blue Ridge Thunder,

Safe Surfin' Foundation, and Moose International

United States Library of Congress - Congressional Record

posted 01/27/2010 - updated 7/20/2010 with photo of actual Congressional Record

Click Here to download and print the Congressional Record



National Sheriff's Association

Commends the Loyal Order of Moose

for Their Dedication to Internet Safety






Congress Lauds Moose

For 'Safe Surfin' Sponsorship

reprinted from May/June/July 2010 Moose Magazine - posted 05/07/2010

          There is recognition and then there is recognition, and the Moose fraternity got a big dose of the latter kind--in the halls of the United States Congress--on Jan. 20 for its efforts in making the Safe Surfin’ Foundation a success.

          Safe Surfin’ is an organization which aims to spread the need for education about Internet safety to schools and also to get states to enact legislation mandating such education.

          A tribute submitted by Virginia Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-6th) read, in part: “Today, I wish to extend thanks to Moose International for stepping forward through the Moose Lodge in Bedford to offer assistance in the ongoing battle to protect young people as they use the Internet.”

          Director of Membership Shawn Baile was in Washington, DC and said the moment was a one in which all Moose can be proud.

          “Recognition on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives is not an everyday occurrence,” Baile said. “It’s nice to know that you can open the Congressional Record years from now and look on Jan. 20, 2010 and you can see that our organization was recognized for its work on behalf of children.”

          In addition to Goodlatte’s tribute, the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA) added its own commendation for the efforts of the Moose through Safe Surfin’. The NSA held its national conference on Jan. 21 in the nation’s capital, and Baile attended a reception at which he was able to speak to a number of law enforcement professionals who see the benefits of Safe Surfin’ on a daily basis.

          “The words coming from them weren’t ‘congratulations’” Baile said. “They were ‘thank you.’ They were recognizing our efforts as a whole. They recognized the deed.”

          Baile said the partnership with Safe Surfin’ has been a true two-way partnership and the Bedford, VA-based organization “has lived up to everything they have said they were going to do when we got this started.”






Estrada Rides In To Talk Up Internet Safety

posted  10/19/2009 as published by the Oct 13, 2009

Former actor Erik Estrada

chats it up with

Michael Taylor, 10, and

Cody Barckley, 10,

both of Carpentersville,

during Estrada's visit

to a Mooseheart football game Saturday afternoon.

Estrada is a member of the

Loyal Order of Moose himself.

Erik Estrada,

motorcycle-riding star of the

1970s-'80s TV series CHIPS,

 is backed by some fellow

motorcycle enthusiasts during

his appearance at Mooseheart.



 photos by Donnell Collins

For the Beacon News

October 13, 2009

     In a black leather jacket, his iconic hair blowing in the autumn breeze, Erik Estrada hopped onto his motorcycle and made its engine roar.  But he wasn't on any California highway. 

     Instead, the star of the former "CHiPS" TV show and now Internet safety advocate motored with dozens of other riders around the Mooseheart stadium track on Saturday as the school's mighty Ramblers bombarded the field with hopes of a homecoming win.

     "It was awesome," 12-year old Jasmine Martinez said of the small spectacle.  "It's the first time (the team) has had a lot of support out there."
     Estrada, a Moose member, was in town last week to promote Internet safety and the Safe Surfin' Foundation -- a Virginia-based organization aimed to spread the continued need for Internet safety education in schools.
     Safe Surfin' is sponsored by the Fraternal Programs Department of the Loyal Order of Moose, which donated more than $135,000 to the organization last week.
     Since his departure from television, Estrada has become a reserve officer in the Muncie, Ind., Police Department, and is dedicated to keeping teens safe on the Web.
     "This is my passion in life now, to get this done," Estrada said of his Internet safety push.
     On Saturday, though, middle-age women were more eager to recognize him for past passions -- on the small screen.  With cameras in hand and smiles on their faces, they fluttered around Estrada in the Mooseheart Fieldhouse after the motorcycle run.
     "Hey, that's my sister, Ponch," one man said with a chuckle as Estrada warmly embraced the crowd of admirers.
     "Ponch" was Estrada's on-screen name in the popular NBC show about the California Highway Patrol and its motorcycle-riding law enforcement officers.  "CHiPS" was on the air from 1977 to 1983.
     Earlier, during a presentation addressing Internet etiquette.  Estrada signed everything from students' arms to yearbooks and scraps of paper.
     If they didn't know who the former television star was before his arrival, they had no question by the time he left.  The students saw clips of Estrada's TV performances, and heard details of his tumultuous childhood growing up in New York City.
     "It seemed like he really cared," said Mooseheart student Cassie Buxton, 15, before heading back to the bleachers for the game.
     "It's nice for our members to know that he's one of them," said Moose International Director of Fraternal Programs Shawn Baile.
     "You can say, 'Yeah, he's a star,' but not only is he supporting a program we believe in, he's one of us.  His membership card looks the same as all of ours."











Web Links that support Internet Safety for Children


NetSmartz Workshop

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Crime Prevention Council

Live Secure . Org


Click Here to load 10 Safety Tips

Every Parent should know

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Click Here to Load the Safe Surfin' Foundation Web Site in a New window


Click Here to visit the Safe Surfin' Foundation Facebook Page


Safe Surfin' Foundation Director of Development Eddie Worth


Download and Print Safe Surfin' Brochure



Safe Surfin' and the Youth Awareness Program


in Partnership to Keep Our Young People Safe


  Print this Letter in Adobe PDF

Dear Brothers and Co-Workers,                                                                    

     All of us in Virginia can be proud of what we do to protect our children.  Your donations over the years to the Youth Awareness Program has made it possible for us to reach thousands of four to nine year old children and deliver messages that will help them make wise and healthy choices in their lives.

     I am very pleased to announce that recently the Youth Awareness Program has joined in partnership with Safe Surfin USA.  Like the Youth Awareness Program, The Safe Surfin USA Foundation is dedicated to keeping our young people safe.  Their goal is to make the Internet a safe place for our children.  I am sure everyone has heard the many horror stories from the TV and newspapers about predators preying on our children through the Internet.  The Internet is probably the most useful tool known to man today.  It has made our very busy daily schedules much more manageable.  Unfortunately, it has also made it easier for predators to invade the privacy of our homes and connect with our children without the parents even knowing they are there.

     Like the many programs that the Moose supports, the Safe Surfin USA Foundation needs our help.  Safe Surfin USA was incorporated in 2000.  Since its inception through the efforts of Sheriff Brown of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Department, Safe Surfin USA has been responsible for distributing educational materials to local law enforcement and schools throughout Virginia.  In July 2007, Safe Surfin was key in urging VA Legislators to pass a law that makes it mandatory for all kindergarten through twelfth grade students receive Internet safety education courses.

     Safe Surfin USA is planning an event on May 24th 2008.  “Internet Safety Night at the Ball Park” with the Potomac Nationals in Prince William Co.  VA. Safe Surfin USA has asked the Moose of Virginia to help them with this fund-raiser.  The materials distributed that night will be on Internet safety and information about the Moose Organization.

     Of course there will be only so many volunteers needed and I know it will not be feasible for a lot of people to travel that far to take part in this event.  But I also know that all the Lodges and Chapters will want to contribute in some way.  If your Lodge and or Chapter can help financially I ask that you send your donation payable to the VMA and earmark it “Safe Surfin Foundation”.  Your contribution will be greatly appreciated.  All who donate to will have their names printed in the Potomac Nationals game program that evening (but donations must be received by May 1st to allow printing time), as well as on the VMA website.  Personal donations will be greatly appreciated as well.

     To the Lodges and Chapters in the northern Virginia area, I’ll be back in touch about volunteers needed for the night of the event.  For any questions I can be reached at 703 781 9291, 703 850 0479, or e mail me at PSTGOVHEAD@AOL.COM.  Or you can call the VMA office and talk to Paula.


Kenny Head
VMA Youth Awareness Coordinator